This is the list of artists with works currently in the ArtBank.  You can find works by an artist simply by clicking on their name below.

In addition, to find out a bit about the artists, The Glengarry News ran a regular column featuring each artist of the CAGACArtBank and you can see these here simply by clicking on the dated link provided below!

Available works by artist The Glengarry News feature
Ayers, Lynne June 19, 2019
Billyk, Edwina June 26, 2019
Bougie Desjardins, Jeanne (JANO) July 3, 2019
Callaway, Yvonne July 10, 2019
Desjardins, François July 17, 2019
Irving, Susan September 18, 2019
Kennedy, Brenda July 24, 2019
Lehtiniemi, Barbara July 31, 2019
Leutschaft Poitras, Bobi August 7, 2019
McDonald, Jen August 21, 2019
Poirier, Paulette October 23, 2019
Thompson, Bud August 28, 2019
Whitman, Tina September 11th, 2019