Artist Participation Guide

Welcome Member Artists

Art Bank Mission:

The CAGAC Art Bank is a Collectif d’artistes de Glengarry Artists’ Collective initiative that offers a coordinated means for member artists to make their work available to the public in two ways. 

  1. By encouraging local businesses to borrow original artwork to show in public areas of their place of business.
  2. By helping any visitor to the ArtBank website to connect with artists for direct sales.

This presents an opportunity for collaboration in raising awareness of the positive impact of art and culture on personal and community growth.

Submitting artworks to the ArtBank

Members of CAGAC may submit up to 10 works of art to be included in the ArtBank.  [This number may change depending on offer & demand from artists & clients.]

Annual Fee

A non refundable de-escalating annual fee per art piece will be due upon submission for inclusion in the ArtBank. The fee schedule is as follows:

  • First year: $5 per artwork (max 10 pieces)
  • Second Year: $4 per artwork (max 10 pieces)
  • Subsequent years : $3 per artwork (max 10 pieces)
  • If a year is skipped, the first year fee will then be reapplied.

Please note that the fee actually reserves a spot for an art piece, meaning that if for some reason the artist wishes to exchange one piece for a more recent one for example, they simply have to send in the new piece with an indication as to which one it must replace.  this can be done at anytime during the year.

Fee payment to be made by cash, cheque or e-transfer to


CAGAC has firm views on PlagiarismFor artworks to be accepted by CAGAC’s ArtBank, the following conditions apply:

  • All works are original not copied from other artists, even from a different medium, or from images found online, from magazines, calendars or any other medium
  • If elements of a work are taken from other works, this will be clearly & prominently acknowledged with credit given to the original artwork & artist. This information will be posted directly on the work’s ArtBank page.
  • Submitting artists will sign a statement attesting these conditions are met (included in the waiver form.)

Submission Process

Submissions must be made by e-mail to :

Please indicate ArtBank Submission in the subject line of your e-mail. Your submission requires the following specific information:

  1.  jpg image of the artwork  (500 pixels wide): NO watermarks
  2. Artist (first name, last name)
  3. Title
  4. Category, indicate ONE of:
    • Painting: Abstract/Surrealism
    • Painting: Scapes (Landscapes, Cityscapes, Waterscapes)
    • Painting: Portraits/Still Life
    • Painting: Wildlife
    • Drawing/Sketching
    • Photography: Colour
    • Photography: Black & White
    • Mixed Media
    • Sculpture
  5. Specific Medium (ex: oil on canvas; watercolour; acrylic on canvas; etc)
  6. Dimensions (cm & inches)
  7. Framed (Y/N)
  8. Sale price.

Posting of ArtWorks

  • Once received, each submission will be verified by the curators for completeness & accuracy of information
  • Accepted works will be posted to CAGAC ArtBank in categories searchable by category, artist, etc.
  • Loan periods between 4 months (min) and 1 year (max) are to be determined collaboratively by the artist and the host.

Loan/Rental process

  • Client emails CAGAC ArtBank with a request for specific work(s)
  • ArtBank Curators contact artist with a request
  • Upon agreement, the ArtBank Waiver form is  completed & signed by artist & client
  • Upon receipt of form by Curators, the Artwork is delivered to the client.
    • Hanging arrangements are between the artist & the client.  CAGAC is not responsible for delivering, hanging or retrieving any art work.

Inventory maintenance

  • Each month, the curators will review the inventory
    • By Submission date to remove images that have been posted for one year, unless renewed by the artist & fee(s) paid
    • By Removal date to advise the artist to retrieve work.