Posting protocol

Information requested from artists is kept up-to-date on & should serve as Curators “master copy”.  If we want to change “rules or procedures” we should do it directly on that copy.

Entering art works as “Blog Posts”:

Looking at what we’ve done so far, I’m suggesting we follow this template – at least as a starting point – to offer a consistent look & feel for visitors.  

  1. The “Title” field (which is what shows up on the “Art Works” page) will be left blank or used to indicate “Sold” or “On Loan”
  2. The image will be a jpg file no wider than 500 pixels & uploaded to the “Media”  library and then inserted on the page using the “add” button.


 As for the information to be entered below the image, this format is proposed: 

Simply bold the line titles, followed by a semicolon & do it the same for all entries – this should keep a consistent look.

  • Artist: first name, last name
  • Title: xxxxx
  • Medium: specifics (i.e.: acrylic on canvas)
  • Size: cm (inches)
  • Framed or Not Framed


Tag by category (select from drop-down menu on the right) & by artist name — create new name (last, first name).

Hang Tags – about every six months (or whatever is decided) we’ll ask artists to review their works & request they refresh their selections within a short time frame. After that, we’ll have tags made up for all new pieces, artists will pick them up & retain for use throughout the year.